Thornhill Medical

Pioneering an innovative approach to advancing emergency patient care in challenging environments.

From our roots as a spin off from Toronto’s University Health Network hospital to a successful global innovator of medical technologies helping in the fight against COVID and in extreme care environments around the world, we are fuelled by our desire to improve the health outcomes of so many at home and around the world.

Thornhill Medical’s specialized expertise in breathing sciences and innovative medical technologies are changing the face of emergency mobile medicine.
We simplify the complex, streamline for efficiency and put the greatest control into the hands of those that need it most – our customers.
With customers that include the US Marines and the Canadian Government, our ability to achieve the impossible makes us a world leader in emergency mobile medicine.
A science-based company, we have advanced training and extensive expertise in acute critical care as well as foundational physiology and engineering, giving us the vision and the rigour to inspire what’s possible for the future of infield and emergency patient care.
  • 40+ patents awarded and pending
  • Foundational science published in 200+ peer-reviewed articles, cited in thousands of others
Our mission is to save lives. We began by partnering with key Military Medicine customers to redefine what’s possible for patient care in field conditions and grew from those successes.
From day one, our end-to-end manufacturing processes have ensured we have the precision and agility required to be best in class.

Thornhill Medical celebrates 15+ years of innovation.

Listen to two Thornhill Medical team members, with over 20 years of combined service, talk about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Our Vision

Making the inconceivable a reality. Our devices have evolved from fundamental scientific and engineering principles into novel medical devices, resulting in medical care not previously thought feasible, or even possible.

Our Mission

Deliver innovative medical devices, using the lung as a portal, to transform current diagnostic and therapeutic patient care. Thornhill Medical is the world leader in precise control of arterial blood gases.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
    Pursue the unimaginable through our unique capabilities.
  • Teamwork
    Leverage our collective wisdom through collaboration.
  • Accountability
    Honour commitments to our customers and each other.
  • Leadership
    Approach challenges with optimism and passion.
  • People
    Place the well-being and dignity of our employees, customers and patients at the core of every decision.
Thornhill Medical truck leaving warehouse at sunrise