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The Advantages of the MOVES® SLC™ Portable Circle-Circuit Ventilator Design

Typically, stationary circle-circuit ventilators are found in operating rooms and are large, heavy, awkward and difficult to transport, even from one place in a hospital to another. One of the reasons for their use in an operating room is that they allow rebreathing of exhaled gas which still contains high concentrations of anesthetic and O2. They are mainly used to reduce liquid anesthetic consumption.

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MOVES® SLC™ in the Surgical Setting: Anesthesia Integration with MADM™

MOVES® SLC™ can also be used to provide primary life support during surgery. MOVES® SLC™ was designed based upon the functionality of anesthesia workstations typically found in civilian hospitals, and whose functionality is well understood by both civilian and military anesthesia providers. Using MOVES® SLC™ in the surgical setting further extends a seamless continuum of care.

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MOVES® SLC™: Designed to Provide ICU Capability Anytime, Anywhere

The MOVES® SLC™ Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) ventilator mode, also known as pressure-controlled inverse ratio intermittent mandatory ventilation, is designed to provide optimal oxygenation with protective ventilation. This ventilation mode is applicable in ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) cases, as it is used to increase oxygen perfusion in patients with low blood oxygen saturation due to injured or otherwise compromised lung tissue.

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