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Treat CO Victims as Effectively as Hyperbaric Oxygen, at Point of Care, without Delay.

The Science

ClearMate™ - Point-of-care Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Treatment

Compact and portable, ClearMate™ has been developed by leading scientists in the field of blood gases.
ClearMate™ application of device on patient

The Science behind the ClearMate™

ClearMate™ works through the administration of isocapnic hyperpnea.
Diagram: ClearMate™ mechanism of action
Diagram: ClearMate™ mechanism of action. Click for larger view.

The Mechanism of Action:

  1. A constant CO2 supply stimulates an increase in breathing (hyperventilation) which strips the CO from the hemoglobin and washes it out of the lungs.
  2. A high O2 concentration in inspired gas forces CO off the hemoglobin.
  3. PaCO2 is maintained and CO2 keeps the blood vessels open, increasing circulation.
This is why the ClearMate™ works. It allows the patient to hyperventilate, washing out CO, while maintaining CO2 levels.

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