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Mission-ready, portable life support system in complex domains, across casualty damage control, prolonged field care and evacuation.

MOVES® SLC™ integrates multiple discrete devices – vital signs monitors, suction, oxygen generation and ventilation – into a single, rugged, compact, lightweight, energy and resource-efficient, battery-operated and portable device. Certified for fleet-wide U.S. Army Airworthiness Release (AWR), MOVES® SLC™ is used by multiple international armed forces for combat casualty care during transport (both ground and air) as well as in Forward Surgical Teams and Field Hospitals.

Optimize Casualty Care Across Complex Battlefield Domains

MOVES® SLC™ extends the critical care window on the battlefield of today and tomorrow. Extended patient evacuation distances and response times in peer-contested/ lethal air/ land domains will require longer patient hold times and PFC services at Roles 2 and 3. Small staff groups, caring for the injured beyond the traditional “golden hour” can greatly improve clinical efficiency and effectiveness by caring for a larger number of patients, each outfitted with a MOVES® SLC™.

Whether by helicopter, jet aircraft, ground transport vehicle, or in a stationary field hospital, casualties can be treated and transported to progressively higher roles of care and resources using the MOVES® SLC™ micro-integrated life support system.

MOVES® SLC™ is transported directly to the next point of care without needing to disconnect and reconnect to an equivalent critical care equipment ensemble. Life-saving treatment time is not lost to the unnecessary task of reconnecting patients to different model assemblages.

Hyper Efficient

With fewer devices blocking access, MOVES® SLC™ creates a clinically cleaner and less congested workspace – less bulky equipment, fewer power cables and tubing, and less equipment transport cases increase the efficiency of patient care spaces.
In comparison to the separate portable systems currently used, MOVES® SLC™ reduces total equipment cube and weight by over 70% and reduces oxygen requirements by over 90%, eliminating the logistical burden of transporting multiple devices and compressed oxygen cylinders and allowing for high mobility and quick setup.

The patented circle-circuit ventilator, in combination with the integrated O2 concentrator, means MOVES® SLC™ can effectively eliminate the need to carry heavy, bulky, and dangerous high pressure O2 cylinders. How? A high FiO2 can be maintained with low flow O2, as the patient rebreathes their exhaled O2 through MOVES® SLC™’s innovative circle-circuit ventilator. Provide a typical standard of care oxygen therapy without the need for high pressure O2 cylinders and the continuous need to refill them.

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MOVES® SLC™’s hot swappable batteries allow life saving capability in environments without access to wall power. Plus, extend the duration of treatment by swapping depleted batteries for charged ones as required, without powering down or altering treatment. If preferred, seamlessly transition between power sources, from operating on wall power to battery power or vice-versa, with no effect on device operation or patient care.
Current and future casualty care operating environments are logistical operations with layers of complexity. Decrease the logistics burden of procurement, inventory management, maintenance, distribution, and sustainment on the current and future envisioned complex operating domains.

Fill Capabilities Gaps

MOVES® SLC™ was designed to be used by both highly trained and experienced anesthesiologists and physicians/healthcare providers as well as basic trained medics and ancillary staff, bringing as much capability as possible to the frontline. The need for higher acuity “enroute care” on medically equipped vehicles/aircraft can continue during evacuation, maintaining the Role 2 treatment initiated at the Role 2 Medical Company.
When proliferated across the Health Service Support (HSS) healthcare continuum, MOVES® SLC™ can facilitate ease of training medical staff on the same equipment, eliminating gaps in knowledge between the different Roles (levels) of care and enhancing the capability of medical staff, regardless of medical background training and experience.
One integrated device consolidates training of one rather than five individual device ensembles.

MOVES®SLC™ & MADM™ Training App

This application will introduce users to Thornhill Medical’s MOVES®SLC™ & MADM™ systems, including product descriptions and top-to-bottom training courses for setup and operation.

US Army Aeromedical Research
Laboratory (USAARL) JECETS,


US Army
Fleet-Wide Airworthiness




Fits on a standard NATO litter


Developed in partnership with US DoD

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