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Your Fully Integrated Life Support System for Portable Patient Care.

With MOVES® SLC™, warfighters and those at the front lines of extreme care are better equipped for the complexities of the casualty care operating environment, both today and in the future.

Learn more about MOVES® SLC™ capabilities and the demands of future medical battlefield operations.

An Introduction to MOVES® SLC™

Designed for Portability

Designed for portability and ease of use in extreme conditions, MOVES® SLC™ combines an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete patient monitoring into a single, compact, battery-operated system.
  • Critical Care Transport
  • Military Medicine
  • Disaster Relief Medical Care
  • Field Hospitals
  • Remote and challenging environments

Continuity of Intensive Care

MOVES® SLC™ is designed and tested to support en route care during patient transport missions in addition to providing stationary life support capabilities. Whether operated in a helicopter, jet aircraft, ground transport vehicle, or stationary field hospital, MOVES® SLC™ is built to military standards to withstand challenging conditions and maintain care at the highest level – with no disconnections or equipment hand-off across the continuum of care.


No Oxygen Tanks Required

Thornhill Medical’s patented circle-circuit ventilator allows a high FiO2 to be maintained with low flow O2 as the patient rebreathes their exhaled O2. In combination with the integrated oxygen concentrator, MOVES® SLC™ can effectively eliminate the need to carry heavy, bulky, and dangerous high pressure O2 cylinders. This innovation reduces the cube and weight of current portable systems by over 70%, making forward-deployed medical personnel more mobile and efficient, ultimately improving patient outcomes in austere and challenging environments.

Simplicity, Efficiency and Value

MOVES® SLC™ simplifies patient care, as patient monitoring, mechanical ventilation, suction and oxygen concentration, and pulse oximetry functions are controlled through a single durable and rugged device, with a single user interface. This is all powered by battery or a single external power source. This reduces the cube and weight of current portable systems by over 70% and allows attending healthcare providers complete access to the patient while requiring less maintenance, training, a more efficient setup and tear down, and streamlined hand-off.

Deployed and Trusted

Since 2017, MOVES® SLC™ has been deployed by military medical teams in field conditions, providing primary life support care for forward surgical teams and medical missions operating in extreme weather conditions and challenging environments. These armed forces have reported that MOVES® SLC™ relieved their logistical burden of transporting multiple devices and compressed oxygen cylinders as the field surgical suite changed location, thus enhancing their mobility and operational efficiency.

MOVES®SLC™ & MADM™ Training App

This application will introduce users to Thornhill Medical’s MOVES®SLC™ & MADM™ systems, including product descriptions and top-to-bottom training courses for setup and operation.

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