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The Science

MOVES® SLC™ - Integrated Life Support

MOVES® SLC™’s integrated life support technology provides the highest level of patient care in any environment. The system is especially vital in military and disaster relief settings because of its oxygen conserving, light weight, compact and portable design.

The Science Behind MOVES® SLC™

Diagram: Circle Circuit Ventilation
Diagram: Circle Circuit Ventilation. Click for larger view.
MOVES® SLC™ employs a circle circuit ventilator designed to be as efficient as those typically found in an operating room setting.
The ventilator breathing circuit is also equipped with a gas sampling line connected from the Y-piece to the Gas Sample port of the patient-connection panel on the device, allowing the system to detect and measure O2 and CO2 concentration in the circuit and adjust oxygen delivery as needed.

Oxygen Concentration

The integrated oxygen concentrator runs cyclically to provide an FiO2 of up to ~93% for ventilated patients and can operate as a standalone low flow oxygen concentrator, providing breathing gas with a high concentration of oxygen (up to approx. 93% at a flow rate of 2.5 LPM) to spontaneously breathing patients through a nasal canula. A high FiO2 can be maintained with low flow oxygen as the patient rebreathes their exhaled oxygen through the circle circuit ventilator.

Independent of Patient Minute Ventilation (VE)

A Circle Circuit ventilator’s oxygen requirements are completely independent of a patient’s VE and are a tiny fraction (as little as 5%) of the requirements of a standard open circuit ventilator.
Diagram: Portable Operation Option
Diagram: Portable Operation Option. Click for larger view.
For example, a typical patient consumes 0.3 LPM of O2, regardless of their VE. If the patient is being ventilated with 100% O2 at a default VE of 6 LPM, only 0.3 LPM of the 100% O2 is required to maintain the patient’s FiO2 at 100%. The patient does not consume and exhales 5.7 LPM of the 100% O2 into the circle-circuit, and since the circle-circuit system will retain that excess O2, the system only requires an O2 supply of 0.3 LPM to make up for the volume lost to consumption. This O2 supply can be accomplished with a small flow-controlled O2 cylinder or the currently used low flow O2 concentrators.
MOVES® SLC™ with battery power
MOVES® SLC™ battery power. Click for larger view.
MOVES® SLC™ operates on either a connection to an AC power source, or through hot-swappable, rechargeable batteries.

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