Gas Control System


Generates Consistent and Standardized Stimulus

RespirAct® RA-MR™ is a computer-controlled gas blender to implement precise control of PCO2 and PO2 for a consistent and repeatable stimulus.

Compatible with an MRI Environment

MRI Conditional – A portion of the system remains in the control room and communicates with a unit which is placed next to the MRI bed. RespirAct® RA-MR™ can also be used with Transcranial Doppler (TCD) and other imaging modalities.
RespirAct® blood flow chart
Changes in PCO2 and PO2 stimuate blood flow responses in organs.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

RespirAct® RA-MR™ is controlled through a user-friendly graphical interface requiring minimum training.


RespirAct® RA-MR™ is designed with fail safes and there is no potential of inadvertent hypoxic gas administration.

Important Note

The RespirAct® RA-MR™ has not been evaluated by the FDA and is distributed by Thornhill Medical to collaborators for use in IRB approved basic physiological research studies. The RespirAct® RA-MR™ system is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of disease and is not intended to be used in studies that evaluate its safety or efficacy. More details can be found on the RespirAct® RA-MR™ Forum.

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